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Canon EOS 7D w/ 18-135mm Zoom Lens, Manfrotto 701HDV Tripod, 2x32gb CF Cards, and Aputure AP-TR3C Remote Timer Cord.

Aint she purty? Her name is Stella. Can’t wait to put it to good use!

How to Use Video LightBox in WordPress

First off, many thanks to Video LightBox for sharing the code of their very clean, crisp video viewer. It’s quite easy to input into an html website, but as a page in WordPress, it had it’s own challenge.

You can do it on your WordPress blog. Filmmakers/Video Bloggers/CG & MotionGraphics Artists can all make use of this. The reason I chose it over just leaving it in a blog post, is this setup allows my Reels to be watched without distraction. Essentially the code dims your background (if you so choose) and brings your video(s) front in center for that important person to view.

Here’s how:

1. First I created the gallery inside of Video LightBox’s easy to use software. Find it HERE. In this case, say my Producer Reel. I tweaked all the settings and exported the files. This video shows you how to use the program:

2. I created a folder on my website ftp called “producer_reel” to hold all of it. I uploaded everything in the same file structure (even the html file, this may be redundant, but I wanted to cover all the bases just in case).

3. In the blog post itself (which is a “Page” in my theme), I copied and pasted the code from the singular .html file I created in Video LightBox. To get the code, I opened it in Microsoft Word, but you can open it in Dreamweaver or TextEdit too (whatever you’ve had more experience with).
– There is code for a head and a body. Make sure to close them too!

4. Inside the actual html code you have to input the file structure of your ftp so it can find the relevant information. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OR IT WON’T WORK.

Here is how my code reads in the post: Everything CAPITALIZED is what I had to add to make it work! Obviously, make sure you mimic the file structure (letter case included) so it works perfectly.

<....."stylesheet" href="PRODUCER_REEL/engine/css/videolightbox.css" type="text/css" />
<....."stylesheet" type="text/css" href="PRODUCER_REEL/engine/css/overlay-minimal.css"/>

It’s alotta work, but it is totally worth it.

GOOD LUCK! Any questions or comments, you can contact me.

Steve Long
Producer | Editor | Writer
Shoot By Daylight Productions

Interviewed (My girl & I)

For a web mini-doc “More to Jersey” by Steve Chernoski, a local filmmaker. Rashmi & I make our illustrious appearances at 3:55 & 4:44 (I totally interrupt her haha).

It’s insane how mis-represented New Jersey is. I used to laugh at the phrase “Garden State” as a child living in Ohio. Jersey was insanely badmouthed by comedians, on late night tv, and pretty much anywhere else. One of my biggest surprises was on my first Greyhound trip to New York City. I was BLOWN AWAY how much greenery NJ had!

Montclair is a rarity, and gets some respect though from NY’ers. Usually the ones that have had the good fortune to work on a film/tv/commercial crew out there.

Worked on my 1st 3D Film!

Let me say it was an experience to say the least. It’s called “Shockwave, Darkside”.

I was extremely honored to be asked by my good friend & Editor Eric S. Dow to be the Assistant Editor on the project.

This was a Feature Film written and directed by Jay Weisman for Red Giant Media & Pipeline Talent.

The 3D Trailer is going to premiere this Sunday, July 25th 2pm at the San Diego Comicon! It stars screen/tv vet Bill Sage [“Precious”, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”] and great young up-and-comers including Mei Melancon [“The L Word”, “X-Men: The Last Stand”].

3D Filmmaking and it’s workflow is just more intense because you are basically multiplying the work by 2. This feature was shot using two Sony EX-3 XDCams on a specialized rig. The rig assured the image was shot stereoscopically. In the case of “Shockwave, Darkside”, Camera A (Left Side) was flopped and had a cooler bluish tone to the each image. Camera B (Right Side), on the other hand, had a warmer reddish tone.

I’m very excited to see what Jay & Eric do the the final cut!! Will post the trailer as soon as it’s released to the world!