Worked on my 1st 3D Film!

Let me say it was an experience to say the least. It’s called “Shockwave, Darkside”.

I was extremely honored to be asked by my good friend & Editor Eric S. Dow to be the Assistant Editor on the project.

This was a Feature Film written and directed by Jay Weisman for Red Giant Media & Pipeline Talent.

The 3D Trailer is going to premiere this Sunday, July 25th 2pm at the San Diego Comicon! It stars screen/tv vet Bill Sage [“Precious”, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”] and great young up-and-comers including Mei Melancon [“The L Word”, “X-Men: The Last Stand”].

3D Filmmaking and it’s workflow is just more intense because you are basically multiplying the work by 2. This feature was shot using two Sony EX-3 XDCams on a specialized rig. The rig assured the image was shot stereoscopically. In the case of “Shockwave, Darkside”, Camera A (Left Side) was flopped and had a cooler bluish tone to the each image. Camera B (Right Side), on the other hand, had a warmer reddish tone.

I’m very excited to see what Jay & Eric do the the final cut!! Will post the trailer as soon as it’s released to the world!